In-Studio Screen Printing

Our technicians at Spectrum Art & Design Ltd. have over thirty years experience in the silk screen printing industry. During this time they have produced graphics and illustrations for many of the most prestigious museums, galleries and exhibition halls in the UK and Europe.

Our studio boasts the capability to produce silk screen prints of the highest standard onto a wide variety of substrates.

Graphic designers are all to aware of the challenges in ascertaining the optimum position for all graphics at the planning stage. Inevitably during the course of any project there are situations where the position of some graphics would benefit from an ability for last minute adjustment. When combined with our In-situ screen printing process Spectrum Art & Design offer a unique flexibility. The majority of signage is produced in-studio and delivered to meet site schedules while the more subjective elements are produced in-situ. This combination of processes enables the right decisions to be made on graphic positioning while maintaining continuity.

In recent years mainstream exhibitors have employed a direct to media digital printing process as a method of producing exhibit labels and information signage. The digital process is certainly a viable solution in some circumstances however it is limited in appearance and application.

With Spectrum Art’s screen printing processes the quality of your graphics will complement and enhance the visual aspects of your project.

In-studio screen prints are produced to Pantone references.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your Screen printing text and graphics requirements.