City of Westminster College

CWC 01In January 2011 City of Westminster College opened it’s new £102m campus. Designed by Danish architects Schmidt, Hammer, Lassen the Paddington Green Campus was among the winners of the Royal Institute of British Architects awards for London 2011.

This seven story, 24.000 square meter building needed a wayfinding system that was not only clear and concise but that also was relevant and easily identifiable to the four thousand students that use the numerous on-site facilities. Leading wayfinding consultants Whybrow Wayfinding came up with an innovative system that utilizes the use of London postcodes to dissect the building into separate zones and then directed the students to their relevant departments leaving them with no excuse for being late for class! The modern, visual aspect of the signage design complimented this futuristic building perfectly.

Using a combination of Stencilling and Glass Manifestation Spectrum Art & Design were able to produce this innovative wayfinding system to the various surface materials found in this extraordinary building to very pleasing effect.

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CWC 02

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